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Tofft leads Team TFS West

By Admin, 03/24/19, 5:00PM CDT


The Fastpitch School is excited to announce the newest member of our Team TFS Organization, Team TFS West. "We are thrilled to join Coach Michael Bastian and the Team TFS family as coaches for Team TFS West” say the newest members of the TFS coaching staff - Ken & Stephanie Tofft when asked about this new endeavor.

“I’m extremely excited that we have been able to establish a Team TFS West.” says Coach Bastian “Coaches Ken & Stephanie Tofft bring not only their knowledge of the game, but also the knowledge in the journey that softball offers these young student athletes.” Team TFS West will recruit players from both Nevada & the California regions. Once established, the team will play in the top showcases and tournaments, both in the region and nationwide.

“Steph and I bring a unique perspective as a coaching staff having been on the coaching, parent, and player side of softball for over twenty years,” says Coach Ken Tofft.  “Knowing what it takes to achieve goals from both ends of the spectrum, I’m looking forward to working with Steph, sharing our knowledge to develop both the parents and players in preparation for sports and life during and after high school.”

Coach Stephanie Tofft, a proud California native, is excited to be back in California to start her coaching career with TFS. “Softball has allowed me to go so many places and meet so many great people.  I’m excited to coach with my dad (Ken) who taught me to excel and compete in everything I do and is one of the biggest reasons I was able to play at the college level and win a National Championship with the Florida Gators in 2014,” says Stephanie, “our goal is to grow the game by developing young women and helping them achieve their dream of getting an education and competing at the college level.  I strongly believe that Kens coaching experience and my collegiate/international playing experience at Florida and in Europe will help get dedicated student-athletes to that next level.”

Welcome to the TFS organization Team TFS West!

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Stephanie Tofft - 2014