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Deja  Talton

Deja Talton

Head Coach

Phone: 214-284-8449

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Tradition of Success continues

Team TFS Nevada - TRYOUTS

By Admin 08/07/2021, 8:30pm CDT

TFS assists Team Israel

By Admin 12/30/2020, 12:00pm CST

Overall Ending goal is to develop the game in the European Federation and globally, so when Coach Michael Bastian was invited to help Team Israel in their Winter Training Camp in Las Vegas, NV this week - he accepted! 

"This time together, growing the game for not only the country of Israel, but also these athletes, is priceless. Their end goal is the European Championship in 2021. " Says The Fastpitch School, LLC  Michael Bastian.  "And any part of this, no matter how small, is huge to me!" 

Have fun in Vegas on the dirt - and good luck Team Israel!